Stop everything: Saved By The Bell could be making a comeback

Bayside High fans, this one's for you

That’s right, Saved By The Bell could be making its way back to your TV screens, at least, according to Bayside High’s resident cool kid, Zack Morris.

The former lead of the popular 90s sitcom Mark-Paul Gosselaar revealed that he ‘wouldn’t be opposed’ to starring in a reboot of the show, admitting ‘I’d totally be into that.’

He dropped the nostalgia bombshell while promoting his new film Precious Cargo, which co-stars Bruce Willis. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Mark-Paul explained that he was amazed the show still resonates with fans, since ‘It was a show that when we were filming it was almost canceled every year. We only did it for five years and it’s just had this long run that continues to generate more fans and new fans. This is a show that when we were filming, no one was watching.’

‘It’s been 20-plus years later and we’re still talking about it. It’s wow. It’s amazing. I just wish we could have had that success while we were filming it. It would have been so much sweeter.’

However, Mark-Paul did warn fans not to get their hopes up, saying that Netflix hasn’t knocked on his door like other 90s shows, and that he wouldn’t be committed to a full-on revival. ‘I don’t know if I would necessarily do a Fuller House-type of thing. To do a full show, I don’t know if that’s something that any of us would really want to be a part of. I could be wrong, but we haven’t ever been approached with scripts or material, so I don’t know.’

Either way, we’re excited. If only because we could be getting a lot more of this Zack-Morris-cheesiness-come-fabulousness…

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