Best. News. Ever: Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Signed Up For The Cruel Intentions TV Reboot (Bad News: No Reese Witherspoon)

Dreams really do come true

Cruel Intentions
Cruel Intentions
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Dreams really do come true

So we know that Sarah Michelle Gellar will be reprising her role as the wonderfully wicked Kathryn Merteuil in the TV reboot of Cruel Intentions. And now she's released *another* photo from set showing how things really haven't changed at all in the 17 years since the film hit cinemas, we also know that the series is going to be excellent.

'Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.'(Or in my case lucky to repeat it),' she wrote on her Instagram snap which shows her recreating an iconic scene from the film: '#Crueltv'


Just last month, E! News confirmed that Sarah was signed on to reprise her role as Kathryn in NBC's Cruel Intentions sequel. The series will follow Kathryn's quest to control Bash, the son of Annette Hargrove (originally played by Reese Witherspoon), and the deceased Sebastian Valmont (originally played by Ryan Phillippe), as he leaves his small Kansas town to learn more about his family's legacy at Brighton Preparatory Academy.


SMG, as we like to call her, first posted a snap from the set of the new series at the start of March, showing herself in the make-up chair and writing: '#Crueltv #makeup #kathrynmerteuil Don't think she's much of a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl.'

And before that, the actress posted a throwback picture of herself on Instagram to confirm the news that she would be working on the TV sequel to the hit film. The snap featured Gellar with the original film’s director, Roger Kumble and exec producer Neal Moritz who are also on board for this sequel, and don't they all look adorable 17 years ago?

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The TV show will pick up where the film left off.

While you're still on the SMG high, now might be the time to break to you that unfortunately, Reese Witherspoon will not be reprising her role as Annette Hargrove, due to clashing projects. Instead, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Drop Dead Diva star Kate Levering will be filling the Witherspoon shoes.

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She could definitely get away with claiming she's Reece's long-lost twin sister.

Here’s what we know so far: Kathryn is still the wickedest witch of the Upper East Side – except that she’s relocated to San Francisco to stir up the West Coast with her devastating brand of manipulation, self-interest and first-class meanness.

What is she plotting now? Kathryn is vying for control of an international corporation as well as aiming to indoctrinate Bash Casey, the son of her late brother, Sebastian Valmont (played by Ryan Phillippe in the film) and Annette Hargrove. Turns out, they made a baby during that lovely love scene in the original film.

16-year-old Bash has discovered his father’s journal stuffed with all those juicy secrets from his schooldays and relocated from sleepy Kansas to California to join an exclusive prep school. Where, under the watchful eye of his step-aunt Kathryn, he is introduced to a world of sex, power, lies, corruption and money.

We feel breathless with anticipation.

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