Ryan Reynolds Launches An Oscar Campaign For Deadpool, And Rules The Internet

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  • This may the craziest Oscar campaign we've ever seen...

    Forget Leo’s much-discussed 2016 Oscars race, Ryan Reynolds thinks Deadpool should be up for an award at this year’s ceremony and he has this hilarious campaign to prove it…

    Taking to his Instagram last night, the superhero actor launched a last minute Oscars bid for his box office hit, despite the fact that the movie was only released two weeks ago, making it ineligible for consideration.

    Writing ‘Only a few hours left for Oscar voting. Too late for a write-in campaign for an ineligible movie?’ the actor then posted a ‘For Your Consideration’ poster, with Deadpool posing as the golden Oscar himself.

    Source: Instagram.com/VancityReynolds

    The poster even has a few nominations suggested, such as ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Animated Short’, while also hoping to be named in some other made-up categories like ‘Best Love Scene’ and ‘Best Leaked Footage’, referencing the ‘leaked’ footage of Deadpool that led to the film being made.

    The best part though? Ryan also includes a few awards he thinks Deadpool‘s already won like ‘Viewer Of 5 Academy Awards’ and our personal favourite, ‘4 Golden Girls from Betty White’.

    Suffice it to say, hilarious.

    The Insta is just another in a long line of hilarious marketing moves by Fox, with the film previously parodying the normal marketing conventions for Valentine’s Day movies – it was released February 12 – with an ad making the R-rated film look like a romantic comedy (which it is most definitely not).

    Source: Instagram.com/VancityReynolds

    While Ryan probably shouldn’t hold out on any last-minute changes to the Oscar nominations, the actor should be pleased with its performance at the box office. Despite only being released a few weeks ago, the film has already surpassed expectations earning $497.6 million worldwide.

    And of course, if he doesn’t get the Oscar this year, there’s always Deadpool 2.

    Just make sure to get those nominations in a little earlier next time, eh Ryan?

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