Russell Brand admits he wants to be friends with ex-wife Katy Perry

The one that got away?

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The one that got away?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

It's easy to forget that Russell Brand and Katy Perry were once married - it even slipped Ellen Degeneres' mind during an awkward interview with the Swish Swish singer recently.

But when it does all come flooding back, we're reminded that the sudden split upset us quite a bit - and if you've seen the Katy Perry movie (ahem, guilty) you'll have a tonne of emotions.

Since the couple split in December 2011, their lives have gone in very different directions. Katy has been churning out successful pop songs non-stop, she got papped with a naked paddleboarding Orlando Bloom and was even revealed to be the inspiration behind songs by none other than Britney Spears. Meanwhile, Russell appears to have thrown the Hollywood towel in, developed a passion for politics and settled down to start a family.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorce

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However, Russell opened up about his relationship with Katy in a recent interview with Grazia, explaining that he is 'open to reconciliation' with his ex-wife. When asked if he would get in touch with Katy, he said: 'Oh yeah, I hope so. I’m willing and open for reconciliation, any kind.

'Because if we can’t overcome our relatively trivial personal disputes in this world, what hope is there for us?

The 42-year-old Arthur star married his partner, Laura Gallacher, last month, and the couple share 10-month-old daughter, Mabel.

But Russell had only positive things to say about his marriage to Katy, calling it a 'very important and lovely time in my life', and revealing: 'I don’t regret being married to Katy at all. I have very positive feelings about that whole experience and Katy is an extraordinary woman.'

Over to you, Katy...

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