Ritchie’s dad: ‘Guy is better off without Madonna’

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  • Guy Ritchie’s dad slams Madonna

    There’s at least one person out there who’s definitely not upset about the Ritchie-Madonna divorce: Guy’s dad.

    John says the October 2008 separation was a smart move, stating: ‘The worst thing would be if they reconciled.’

    In an interview with In Touch magazine, John said: ‘Guy is better off. He’s in the States with the children at the moment.’

    And John even confirms that Madonna has been seeing other men, saying: ‘She’s been here with a chap, a friend of hers.’

    Could he mean A-Rod? She was spotted with him in the upmarket Hamptons last weekend, after all…

    ‘We hope she does have a lot of boyfriends because it means she won’t ever get back together with Guy,’ he added.


    But he didn’t stop there  – he also revealed that even Guy doesn’t give a fig if his ex-wife is dating.

    ‘Guy doesn’t care at all,’ says his dad. ‘At least she won’t be looking for him.’

    But the RocknRolla director and the Queen of Pop haven’t had a particularly acrimonious divorce, despite reports they’re arguing over their kids Rocco, 8, and David, 3.

    John concluded: ‘There are no big arguments between them. All they discuss is the children.

    Guy is generally quite happy with the arrangements, provided the children come to London when he wants them to.

    ‘If she makes that difficult, he will have to re-think how they are managing custody, but so far she hasn’t.’


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