Rhys Ifans flees to Wales

Rhys Ifans heads home to get over Sienna

Marie Claire News: Sienna Miller
Marie Claire News: Sienna Miller

Rhys Ifans heads home to get over Sienna

Broken-hearted Rhys Ifans is reportedly heading back to Wales in a bid to get over Sienna Miller.

The Notting Hill star is said to be 'inconsolable' over his split with The Edge of Love star, who reportedly dumped him over the phone after becoming tired of his allegedly possessive ways.

Sources say that Rhys believes some quality time at home with his old friends will get him out of the limelight and into a place where he can find a good foundation for moving on with his life.

According to The Sun, Ifans told a pal at the Evian VIP suite at Wimbledon: 'I’m going back to Wales tonight for two weeks to get out of London and get away from it all.

'I just want to get back to my roots and be around my Welsh friends for a while.'

The actor enjoyed another night of partying at the Wimbledon opening day the All England Club. He joined his Primrose Hill-set friends, including Kate Moss's boyfriend Jamie Hince, and Kimberly Stewart for a party to celebrate Clash star Mick Jones's birthday.

One friend said: 'Rhys has been partying very hard since the split.

'He knows it has to stop, so he’s going back to Wales to calm down for a period. He plans to spend some time in Cardiff and some in the countryside.'


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