Why Prince William is in 'no rush' to become the King

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When it comes to the royal line of succession, Prince Charles is first in line to the throne when the Queen either decides to step down, or sadly passes away. Prince William is then second, followed by his eldest son, Prince George.

While the Duke of Cambridge has expanded his role as a senior royal in recent years, taking on many more responsibilities and duties, he is reportedly in 'no rush' to be King - despite theories that he may supersede his father, Prince Charles.

Nick Bullen, True Royalty TV founder, believes that William doesn't wish to alter the line of succession.

He told Fox News: 'William is in no rush to be the King.

'It is this weird thing you have with royals. I spoke to the Prince of Wales about this - to get that top job, you are essentially wishing your parent or grandparent to be dead.

'But if you’re in no rush to get that job because for Charles to be King his mother would have to die, for William to be King his father would have to die - nobody wants that.

'It’ll happen in due course and William is in no rush for it.'

The royal commentator also discussed theories that the Queen may decide to bypass Prince Charles and hand the crown over to William when she abdicates. He believes that the monarch respects the traditional order and won't skip her son over her grandson.

He continued: 'You can say it as much as you like but it’s never going to happen.

'Prince Charles, should he still be alive when the Queen very sadly dies, will be the King. There is no discussion.

'That’s what the Queen wants, that’s what the Prince of Wales wants and I know that’s what William wants.'

The Queen became the longest reigning British monarch in 2015 when she surpassed the previous record set by her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, and this year celebrated 68 years on the throne.

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