Why Prince William's favourite hobby 'frightens' the Queen

Queen's not keen

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Queen's not keen

What do the royals get up to when they're not jetting around the world on official business, or getting dressed up for swanky dinners? We know that Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoy settling down to an episode of Game of Thrones, and the little royals are busy with their own hobbies, too - Prince George is said to be a keen ballet dancer.

But the Queen doesn't approve of all their pastimes. According to royal sources, Queen Elizabeth II is less than impressed with Prince William's favourite hobby.

The Duke of Cambridge has spoken about his love for motorbikes. He famously drove around London the night before his wedding in 2011, and told the Express: 'I don't know what it is about bikes, but I've always had a passion for motorbikes ever since I was very small. I used to do a lot of go-karting when I was younger and then after that I went on to quadbikes and eventually motorbikes.

'It does help being anonymous with my motorcycle helmet on because it does enable me to relax. But I just enjoy everything about motorbikes and the camaraderie that comes with it.'

The Queen doesn't quite share the sentiment, however, with royal photographer James Whitaker claiming that the idea of it 'frightens the life' out of her.

He said: 'I think it frightens the life out of people at Buckingham Palace and almost certainly, the Queen too. It is a strange thing.

'His mother was constantly fleeing from the paparazzi, who were on motorbikes. Now her son is using a motorbike for the same sort of reasons.'

But William revealed he was 'toning down' his biking now that he has a family.

When he visited the Isle of Man TT Race in 2018, he said: 'I’m a father of three, I have to tone it down.

'I miss the big trips, for me biking was always about being with everybody else.'

So don't expect to see him zipping down The Mall anytime soon.

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