Prince Louis just spoke in public for the first time in a special royal video and it’s lovely

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The Cambridges are the most talked-about family in the world, and while Prince William and Kate Middleton spend the most time in front of the cameras, it’s their children that make the most news.

Yes, from Prince George’s hilarious gifts and Princess Charlotte’s signature sass to Prince Louis’ strange first words, these royal tots never fail to make headlines.

This weekend, it was the whole Cambridge family that got the world talking as the Duke and Duchess posted a video of the three young Cambridges asking questions to Sir David Attenborough.

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‘Sir David Attenborough, we've got some questions for you,’ the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge captioned a video of their children posing the legend questions.

‘What animal do you think will become extinct next?’, Prince George starts the video, to which David replied: ‘Well let's hope there won't be any. Because there are lots of things we can do when animals are in danger of extinction. We can protect them.’

Princess Charlotte was up next, greeting David Attenborough and telling him: ‘I like spiders, do you like spiders too?’

Noticeably impressed, David Attenborough replied: ’I love spiders, I'm so glad you like them! I think they're wonderful things. Why is it that people are so frightened of them? I think it’s because they have eight legs.’ He later asked Charlotte: ‘Have you ever watched one trying to build its web? That's extraordinary.’

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It was Prince George that really stole the show however with the two-year-old speaking in public for the first time in the video, asking Sir David, ‘What animals do you like?’

David replied: ‘I think I like monkeys best. Because they're such fun. They can jump all over the place... And they're so funny. And I like them a lot.’

The Cambridge children are known to be huge fans of Sir David Attenborough, meeting him in the Kensington Palace gardens the week previously after an outdoor screening of Sir David’s upcoming feature film, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet.’

This is lovely.

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