Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first date sounds so sweet

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With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's biography expected to hit shelves next month, extracts and quotes have been teased online and generated a lot of interest in the book which promises to go 'beyond the headlines to reveal unknown details of Harry and Meghan’s life together' with insights from 'those closest to the couple.'

So far, it has revealed that Harry gifted his niece and nephews some brilliant presents, and he also had a secret Instagram account which he used to follow Meghan in the early days of their relationship.

Royal correspondents and authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have written the unauthorised biography Finding Freedom to 'dispel the many rumours and misconceptions that plague the couple' and give 'unique access' as an 'honest, up-close and disarming portrait of a confident, influential and forward-thinking couple who are unafraid to break with tradition.'

But one of the extracts that has most excited fans details exactly what happened during the couple's first date.

According to The Times, Harry and Meghan met at the popular Dean Street Townhouse in London after being set up by a mutual friend, and the Prince realised early on that he had to impress the Suits star.

It claims: 'Harry quickly realised that impressing Meghan was going to be tougher than just giving her one of his big smiles. "I'm really going to have to up my game here," he reportedly said. "Sit down and make sure I’ve got a good chat!"

It continues that the royal was pretty nervous to begin with, but before long they were chatting away with a source saying they were lost 'in their own little world'.

Harry is said to have ordered a beer, with Meghan opting for a martini, and they were so engrossed in their conversations about work and making positive changes in the world that they didn't touch their food.

The book continues: 'Nibbles may have been out on the low table in front of their oversize chairs, but neither touched the food. They were also too engrossed in their conversation, and too involved with each other, to notice the rather rude wallpaper featuring photos of women’s private parts that adorned the walls.

'Harry talked about his charity work, excitedly telling her stories from his extensive trips to Africa. Their "passions for wanting to make change for good" as Harry described it was, as Meghan said, "One of the first things we connected on."'

Reportedly, they didn't kiss on their first date but met again at the same spot soon after.

Their third date was a whirlwind, with Meghan flying from Canada to London to stay with Harry at his home before they headed to Botswana to camp out under the stars.

How sweet!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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