Prince George has something to say about mum Kate's football skills


Prince William and Catherine


Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoyed a trip to Belfast recently, where they did everything from pulling pints to attending swanky dinners.

But they also had fun on the field, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge playing a game of football at the Windsor Park Football Stadium with young children from the Irish Football Association of Northern Ireland's Shooting Stars program.

The initiative was set up to encourage more girls to get involved in sports, although Kate admitted that she doesn't really consider herself a football pro.

The Telegraph reported that just before Kate got onto the pitch, she told the children that her own son mocks her attempts at playing football, recalling that he tells her, 'Mummy, you're so rubbish.' She then went on to say that she should have 'picked up some tips from George' before taking to the field.

And it seems her husband also had something to say about her skills, with Prince William chanting, 'Come on, superstar!' as she played, and telling the children, 'Look out, she goes for the ankles!'

William said he could have 'stayed there all day' as he loves a bit of footie.

Either way, they looked adorable as they played alongside the children - and from the looks of things we'd say that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a ball in their garden with these two.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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