This Pitch Perfect 3 photo has led to accusations of size discrimination

Did you notice this?

pitch perfect

Did you notice this?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Pitch Perfect 3 has been teased endlessly since filming started in Janury. New songs! New outfits! New reasons to love Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson!

The cast have been on Instagram, sharing playful snaps of their rehearsals and giving fans a little insight into the film's development.

However, some of their followers are less than happy about the fact that not all the cast members are wearing the same outfits and are going on to accuse the movie of size discrimination.

Rebel posted a picture of herself flanked by co-stars Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit. Their sailor-themed outfits include black jeans and striped tops - but fans were quick to point out that Rebel's top completely covers up her top half, whereas her slimmer counterparts are donning haltertops.

A photo posted by on

Many have suggested that Rebel was wearing a different top because she is 'plus-size', and their point was exacerbated by further pictures uploaded by the rest of he cast. Anna Kendrick and Kelley Jakie sport the halter, while another photo shows the cast lined up in the same strappy top - all except for Ester Dean.

A photo posted by on

One user wrote: 'Your top should be the same. We all know you are the most delicious chick there.'

Others have defended the decision, pointing out that they may have a different role in the scene which is why their outfits differ.

We'll just sit here patiently until the film hits cinemas in December...

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