25 Times Rebel Wilson Was All Of Us

From Fat Amy to the Bachelorette's Becky, Rebel Wilson has been a guaranteed source of laughter since she got the world's worst tattoo in Bridesmaids.

In celebration of our favourite Bella’s birthday, we’ve delved into the GIF archives and picked out the 25 moments that the Ozzie comedienne, Rebel Wilson was each and every one of us.

When your brother and sister are just too perfect

When you’re in da club on a girls night and a guy just won’t leave you alone

When you’re having a serious (and possibly drink fuelled) DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) with your besties

When you dream about your wedding day and your white gown turns out to be your Miss Piggy PJs

When you find your room mate’s diary and can’t help but have a peak

When you’re trying to impress on a first date

When you’re all alone in your house and you practise your fantasy X Factor audition song

When you’re trying to make a compromise in the bedroom

When you seriously cannot be bothered anymore

When your mum forces you to look at your old school photos

When you accidentally give a little too much information but decide to roll with it

When you may have exaggerated just a little bit

When you’re in an interview and they ask you your hobbies outside of work

When you’re trying to comfort your friend but nothing is working

When your friend and her boyfriend just won’t stop the constant PDA

When you’re on the morning commute and someone is in your way

When stuff gets deep

When you just can’t help yourself

When you’re tasked with buying the snacks for a night out

When you see a guy’s private parts and you just can’t help but say…

When you’ve got a huge presentation at work to do

When you’re single and so ready to mingle

When you’ve had one too many shandys and suddenly you become Channing Tatum in Step Up

When you’re trying to comfort your friend but you’re just not good at the whole touchy feely stuff

When your friend just does not get the picture that you don’t want to go on a date with ‘the kinda cute guy from accounts’

Happy birthday, Rebel! We love you!

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