Pitch Perfect 3 is happening, and it's set to be aca-mazing

With Pitch Perfect 2 making mega-bucks at the box office, the Barden Bellas are set to return in Pitch Perfect 3 with Elizabeth Banks being teed up to direct it.

Pitch Perfect 3
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The Barden Bellas are set to return in Pitch Perfect 3 with Elizabeth Banks being teed up to direct it

That's right Pitches, get ready for some musically pleasing harmonies because everyone's favourite acapella group is back as Universal Pictures has announced that Pitch Perfect 3 is officially a go.

After Pitch Perfect was the surprise hit of 2012, Pitch Perfect 2 continued to exceed expectations, more than doubling the box office profit of the original. It's more than common sense that a third installment is now in the pipeline.

You know what that means? A franchise. A powerful multi-million dollar franchise based on female friendships, singing and good old fashion competition. Can anything be better? Not only has Pitch Perfect 3 been confirmed, but most of the cast have signed on as well, including Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Hailey Steinfeld, and fan favourite Rebel Wilson.

The really incredible news is Elizabeth Banks is set to direct after previously producing the first film and directing the second. You may recognise her as the horribly funny commentator who constantly criticises the Bellas. And Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two scripts, is back to write the third instalment.

With Elizabeth Banks back at the helm, this is also a major win for women. With Pitch Perfect 2, Elizabeth had the highest US opening for a first-time director ever, earning over $285 million. That's right studios, women can direct blockbusters – these are the female film directors we love.

Pitch Perfect 3

Source: Universal Pictures via EOnline.com

As to what the storyline might be for the franchise's third outing, we have no idea (yet) but seeing as Hailee Steinfeld has just started making waves as a singer, it seems pretty obvious her character, Emily Junk, will be back as she leads the Barden Bellas (with the help of the alumni of course) to winning another national championship. Either way, we'll watch anything that involves these girls.

Pitch Perfect 3

Source: Universal Pictures via Fanpop.com

Pitch Perfect 3 isn't slated for release until December 2017 *cry*, so we'll just have to re-watch the first two until then.

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