Orlando Bloom has finally addressed those paddleboard pictures


Orlando Bloom


Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Orlando Bloom may or may not be dating Nina Dobrev, and he definitely had the most fun with Leonardo DiCaprio at Coachella, but let's take a second to go back to the summer of 2016.

There was a LOT going on. Brexit was happening and news that Cadbury chocolate will be more expensive was spreading like wildfire. And then something happened that brought joy to the entire world.

In case you were living under a huge celeb news-blocking rock last year, you will have definitely seen those pictures of Orlando on a paddle board. You know the ones. He's happily paddling away while his then-girlfriend, Katy Perry, is sat just in front, soaking up the sun, looking on - seemingly oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend was completely naked.

Although Orlando clearly had no idea that there was a sneaky pap snapping away and confessed that he mistakenly thought he had a moment of freedom, the pics went viral and were the butt of many a hilarious meme.

Up until now, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has kept pretty quiet about it, but all it took was a bit of a grilling from Nick Grimshaw to get him talking.

During an appearance on Radio 1 earlier this week, Nick asked him: 'Can we talk about that? What the hell? I mean, we've got to talk about it.'

Orlando laughed nervously and avoided saying much, before Nick prodded: 'Can I just tell you something, we won't talk about it. But when you type Orlando Bloom into Google first comes acting, because you're great at acting, and second comes paddle boarding, that is number two in the world. Is that just going to be there forever?'

Orlando, visibly uncomfortable, replies: 'I don't know - is it? My poor son. He's got a lot to live up to.'

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The 40 year-old actor shares 6 year old son, Flynn, with Australian model Miranda Kerr, who he was married to for three years. Although the couple split in 2013, they've been very publicly supportive of each other and often talk about how they co-parent their little boy.

Let's hope Flynn doesn't go Googling his famous dad anytime soon...

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