Miserable Morrissey: Why we won’t stand for his anti-Olympic rant

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  • Morrissey has accused London 2012 of being 'foul with patriotism' and even compared it to Nazi Germany - our creative director, Lottie Berridge, isn't having it for a second!

    As has become his way, Morrissey has unleashed yet another miserable and highly-opinionated rant on the general public – this time about the London 2012 Olympic games.

    While the majority of us have been moved to tears by the achievements of the athletes or marvelled at the slick way in which the Games have been put together, Morrissey has let rip, criticising the UK of being ‘foul with patriotism’, dissing the young members of the Royal family and even comparing Britain to Nazi Germany.

    Our creative director, Lottie Berridge, is not impressed…

    Oh Mozzer, Mozzer, dear old grumpy Mozzer! How terribly misguided you are. The Olympics are totally amazing! How come you just don’t get it?

    We are here cheering, not just Team GB, but all the athletes. The comradery is amazing. And with every nationality here, in our multicultral city, people have been given a voice and a purpose. What better example can we give to our children? For once the papers are celebrating people for real achievements, not just flashing their bits on Big Brother!

    I’m not a sporty person, I won’t even run for a bus if I can help it, but I am inspired by the dedication. I’ve been chatting with the green groceer, updating strangers in shops on our Super Saturday morning haul and cheering in the office as they announce another gold over the tannoy! It’s uniting, it’s real and most of all it’s fun!

    How can you not be proud of 40 olympic medals? It’s an incredible achievement from such a relatively small country. What’s so wrong with feeling patriotic when we are all here together, embracing all the nations not just our own. I don’t think 1939 Berlin did do that!


    Yes, it’s cost a lot of money, and yes, what exactly will the legacy be? But chill out, Morrissey. It’s here now, it’s a spectacular event and we have produced it with style, grace and perfection. There’s no getting away from the fact, we’re a talented bunch! We all know the cutbacks, tight circumstances and economic disasters aren’t going away, but if we can just be allowed to forget them for a couple of weeks and applaud something good in the world, it’s not doing any harm. We’ll go back to moaning about NHS & police cutbacks as soon as it’s over. We promise.

    The Royals (I love ‘em!) are doing a fantastic job, they are there, congratulating and supporting Team GB. It can’t be easy being born into such a high profile family but if they can reflect the feeling of a nation, what’s wrong with that? I’d hardly say they’ve hijacked the Olympics.

    The overwelming pride in our country and the dedication of such an amazing team of athletes is a wonderful thing that should and is being celebrated across the nation. Now, Mozzer, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, pop your feet up and watch Jessica Ennis fly accross that line again! How can you not be moved?

    And, as my Mum says, if you can’t be nice… shut up!




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