Mischa Barton gets back to work in style

Mischa Barton gets glam on set of new TV show

MIscha Barton - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
MIscha Barton - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Mischa Barton gets glam on set of new TV show

Mischa Barton looked back to her glamorous best yesterday, as she returned to work for the first time since her stint in a psychiatric ward.

The 23-year-old actress was spotted on the New York set of new TV show, The Beautiful Life, looking glittering and gorgeous in a Versace gold minidress.

The show sees Mischa take on the role of a supermodel, and she spent the day filming a fictional photoshoot alongside co-stars, including actress Sara Paxton. 

MIscha Barton - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

But, it wasn't just Mischa getting the paps excited. The show's executive producer, Ashton Kutcher, and his wife, Demi Moore, spent the day visiting the set, and watched filming from the sidelines.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Barton was admitted to a psychiatric ward at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical last month, and although she has now returned to her day job, friends have expressed concern that she has taken on too much, too soon.

A source revealed to The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: 'She is on the verge of another breakdown - one I think could be even more serious than the last one.'

Meanwhile, family friend Eric Ziegenbein told Heat magazine that the actress was already back to her partying ways.

She commented, 'It's scary to see her out right after she's received treatment. When I found out she'd been partying again, I was shocked. I thought she would chill out for a bit.'


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