Mad Men WILL return - but not until 2012

It has been confirmed that the show will return, but much later than fans hoped

Mad Men - future uncertain for series five
Mad Men - future uncertain for series five

It has been confirmed that the show will return, but much later than fans hoped

Good news Don Draper devotees, Mad Men will return for a fifth season, but not until 2012.

With an advertising dispute finally resolved, The AMC Network has confirmed that the new season has finally been given the go ahead, but fans will have to wait a whole year, with new episodes not set to air until March next year.

A statement yesterday from the US television network said: 'AMC has officially authorised production of season five of Mad Men... While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, Mad Men will be back for a fifth series in early 2012.'

The network has had a well-publicised battle with Mad Men writer and producer Matt Weiner, who was reportedly blocking demands for episodes to be cut by two minutes to allow more advertising time, and for two characters to be written out due to costs.

Speaking openly on the dispute, Weiner told The New York Times: 'I don't understand why, with all of the success of the show, they suddenly need to change it. All I want to do is continue to make my show, and make it in the way I want to, with the people I want to make it with.'

But it looks like his negotiaions would have made even Don proud - he will reportedly net $30m over two years to continue working on the show, making him one of the highest paid figures in cable television.

However, the delay is not without its costs: It looks likely one of the key stars, Christina Hendricks, will not return as Joan Holloway, after signing up for a movie while the show faced uncertainty.


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