After THAT Performance, The Question Remains: Did Gigi Hadid Win Her First Ever Lip Sync Battle?

It was like the 90s were making a comeback!

Gigi Hadid Lip Sync Battle
Gigi Hadid Lip Sync Battle
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It was like the 90s were making a comeback!

After losing our collective minds over Gigi Hadid's Backstreet Boys-featuring performance on Lip Sync Battle, the real question remains: did she win?

Well, after her amazing 90s throwback, plus a rendition of The Ting Tings' classic That's Not My Name', Gigi was, of course, rewarded with none other than the much sought-after LSB belt...

The model couldn't believe her win (did she remember she was with the Backstreet Boys?!), but went on to gush about her brand new wrestling-inspired belt. 'It's so crazy, it's so much fun, I'm framing it in my house. It's very important to me.' And her notes to her LSB rival, 'Tyler was really fun, we didn't know each other before tonight. We had a little bonding sesh on stage, talking smack.' And judging by Tyler's reaction, it's clear he's more than happy to concede defeat...

Previously, we knew the model had the win in the bag, after the show released a teaser clip showing Gigi giving it her all on the LSB stage...

Donning a very Catwoman-esque catsuit, Gigi is seen having some fun lipsyncing to Larger Than Life, until she is joined by - who else? - but the Backstreet Boys themselves, who groove their way to the 90s classic, like it hasn't been 17 years since the single was released.

With the show aired on February 25 2016, the supermodel battled MTV's Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, who can also be seen in the clip. The actor performed A-Ha's Take On Me, but after Gigi's performance, we have to admit, he had no chance.

Gigi is just another, in a long line of A-listers, who has lent her lip-syncing 'talents' to the hit show, with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Lip Sync Battle collectively breaking the Internet early in 2016 with their renditions of a couple of hit tracks - and a notable recreation of a certain Magic Mike scene.

The show's stars are increasingly pulling out the stops to get the win, as the original singers of the contestants' songs - like Beyoncé, Paula Abdul and now the Backstreet Boys - throw their support behind the lip sync-ers.

However, Gigi's performance marks the first time a supermodel has performed on the show. Chrissy Teigen has been MC'ing LSB since its inception, but has yet to make it all the way to the stage. (How cute would it have been if she fought John Legend though?)

Want to see Gigi's full performance? Catch up on the full episode online.

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