9 life lessons you learned from the Gilmore Girls

Life's short, talk fast

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls

Life's short, talk fast

We couldn't be more excited about the impending arrival of the new Gilmore Girls Netflix series. Yes, pour the coffee and talk at a million miles an hour because our favourite Stars Hollow residents are back.

Rory and Lorelei's return has got us thinking about everything that the show taught us as teenagers, from birthing our caffeine habit to teaching us to go a bit easier on our mums, here's what we learnt from the ultimate G's...

Being clever is cool

Which is a pretty essential lesson, given that most of the teen TV icons pre-Rory displayed a similar IQ to the average houseplant.


If someone (totally unqualified) tells you that you're not suited to your chosen career, steal a boat

Not an over reaction at all. Even if you do add dropping out of school into the bargain.

Starting university is scary

And it's allowed to seriously freak you out. It's also okay if you need to call your mum a lot.


Caffeine is life

You probably didn't even really like coffee (Frappuccinos don't count) but you wanted to be more like Rory so you dutifully ordered it black and shuddered your way through it.


Lorelai Gilmore was pretty much the dream mum

And she made you realise that maybe being friends with your mum, rather than only speaking to her at meal times, might actually be kind of fun.


A little friendly rivalry can be a good thing

Obviously it was neither little, nor very friendly with Paris (who we reckon was the unsung hero of the series).


Sometimes you just can't do people

And that's okay. As long as you have Michel's sass.


There's way more to life than boys

Pithily expressed by Paris, when asked by her headteacher if she and Rory were fighting over a boy.

Growing up is hard, dammit

And you're allowed to screw up. Making mistakes doesn't mean it's all over and doesn't mean you're a bad person.


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