Lady Gaga buys dad a heart

Lady Gaga reveals she bought father a new heart to save his life

Lady Gaga - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Lady Gaga - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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Lady Gaga reveals she bought father a new heart to save his life

While most celebrities treat their families to flash cars, sprawling mansions and designer wares once they hit the big time, Lady Gaga has revealed she went a step further, buying her father a new heart.

Speaking to a US radio station, the songstress told listeners that she used the advance from her latest album to buy her dad, Joseph, the new organ to save his life.

'It was pretty necessary,' the Lady revealed, 'It was the biggest nightmare of my life.'

She continued, 'I said, "I haven't bought anything yet with any of the money that I've made from my new album... so let me buy you a new heart, dad."'

Her father went in for surgery over the weekend, and is now on the road to recovery. As a result, the singer, soon to release new album, The Fame Monster, revealed that she was taking some time off.

'When this happened I really just kinda said, "I don't wanna do anything for the next two weeks; I just wanna be with my dad and be a good daughter."'


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