Kendall Jenner just answered her most googled questions

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  • And her fellow Victoria's Secret Angels too...

    There is nothing more fascinating than Google search suggestions. I probably won’t shock you by saying that people Google some seriously random s**t – who knew being sexually attracted to Pokemon was a thing?

    And naturally, the same goes for celebrity facts, which is always entertaining. So I look at some of your most burning questions regarding the Victoria’s Secret Angels, and went backstage at the show to ask them.

    So whether you’ve always wanted to know if Kendall Jenner has a twin brother, or if Stella Maxwell is vegan, read on and consider your Google search over.

    Kendall Jenner

    Does Kendall Jenner have a twin brother? Yeah, he’s called Kerbie Jenner ha.

    Does Kendall sing in Freaky Friday? Yes! It was fun, when I showed up I didn’t know I was going to legitimatelly be singing, and I just went for it.

    What does Kendall mean? I don’t think it means anything, I’ve never asked. I know my middle name has a meaning, it’s Nicole, and my mum’s best friend was Nicole Ann Simpson and I was born the year after she passed.

    What is Kendall Jenner’s favourite food? Is that what people want to know about me? I don’t know, Italian, pasta, sushi, I have a lot of favourites!

    Stella Maxwell

    Is Stella Maxwell Irish? I am! I have an Irish passport and a British passport.

    Is Stella Maxwell vegan? I am not vegan, but I would love to strive to be.

    What is Stella’s workout? Probably yoga and strength training with my trainer>

    What does Stella Maxwell eat? My favourite thing to eat is a carbonara, or spaghetti vongole, it’s hard to choose.

    Behati Prinsloo

    How does Behati Prinsloo workout? My favourite way to workout is cardio, doing weights for definition. I love how workign out makes me feel afterwards. The harder the better.

    Behati Prinsloo’s husband. My husband (Adam Levine) is coming to watch the show, he’s super excited and I’m super excited to have him supporting me.

    Candice Swanepoel

    How tall is Candice Swanepoel? I forgot how tall I am! 5ft9? Like 1.77m.

    Where is Candice Swanepoel from? South Africa.

    What does Candice Swanepoel eat? I love Italian or Brazilian food.

    Romjee Strijd

    What do Victoria’s Secret Angels do after the show? Party, party, party!

    Do Victoria’s Secret Angels get on? People don’t realise how close we all are and how much we cheer at each other. There is no bitchiness whatsoever!

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