Jessica Jones is set to take girl power to another level in Season 2

Netflix and Marvel have released a new teaser for Jessica Jones which will star Krysten Ritter.

Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones
Krysten Ritter
(Image credit: Rex)

The Netflix series is set to have women both in front of and behind the camera

We’d waited a long time for a Marvel super hero series we can relate to thanks to the fact that the majority of the heroes we see on screen tend to be men. So when Jessica Jones finally appeared on our televisions, we finally found the hero we’d been waiting for.

Flawed, feisty and totally relatable, Jessica is all of us (except maybe for the whole super-strength thing). Which is why we were pretty excited to hear that the straight-talking heroine played by Krysten Ritter would be once again returning to our screens.

But it turns out that season two will have some pretty awesome women behind the camera was well as in front of it. Melissa Rosenberg, executive producer and showrunner for the series revealed that all 13 episodes of season two will be directed by women.

One of the few series to have an all-female list of directors, the second season is set to explore some of series previously unanswered questions such as how did Jessica get her powers? Is Trish Walker going to be a superhero too? And is Will Simpson about to transform into the comic book villain Nuke?

But the second season is also set to continue what Rosenberg started in the first season of Jessica Jones – a feminist conversation. Speaking to Variety magazine, the producer revealed that she was pleased that the first season has the effect she’d hoped for.

'All the conversations I wanted to be happening around it are happening,' she said. 'The conversations about women in power, women sexuality, of rape, sexual abuse, control – all of those conversations…

‘There are just these wildly articulate insightful pieces being done about a feminist perspective, a political perspective, at a time where these subjects are getting some attention about women in Hollywood and women in the world, and how we’re portrayed in the media. It’s my life goal to contribute something to the world that hopefully moves it in a positive direction.’

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