James Hewitt has responded to rumours that he's Prince Harry's dad

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior members of the royal family earlier this year, and have since moved overseas to settle in the US with their son, Archie Harrison. The Sussexes bought their first home together in the quiet seaside town of Montecito, California after months of living in bustling Los Angeles.

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Although they cut ties with the royal family to protect their privacy, the couple has been at the centre of a number of headlines this year - and now an interview with James Hewitt has resurfaced, documenting when he spoke out to put some long-standing rumours to bed regarding the Duke of Sussex.

Princess Diana and James Hewitt famously had an affair in the 90s, and ever since it was made public, people have suggested that James could be Prince Harry's biological father. Although Harry was born in 1984, and the affair was said to have taken place years later, this hasn't stopped the speculation.

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James finally decided to speak about the rumours in an interview with Australia’s Channel Seven segment, Sunday Night. The interview was originally filmed in 2017 and has recently been unearthed.

When asked if he was Harry's father, James responded: 'No, I'm not.'

He was pressed further and asked why people still believe it to be true. His response was: 'It sells papers. It's worse for [Harry], probably, poor chap.'

The fact that both men are red-headed has fuelled the conspiracy theory, even though this photograph of Prince Philip in 1957 is the spitting image of Prince Harry at around the same age.

James went on to discuss his relationship with Diana, saying: 'I think she was quite easy to fall in love with, really, so I think I can be forgiven for that.'

Hopefully, his response to the rumours will finally put them to bed once and for all.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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