Is this Guy Ritchie’s new girlfriend?

PHOTOS: Guy Ritchie's romantic beach stroll with mystery brunette

Madonna might have been at the polo this weekend, in the company of boyfriend Jesus and Prince Harry, but ex-husband Guy Ritchie was hardly drowning his sorrows alone. The RocknRolla film director was instead enjoying a romantic beachside stroll in Malibu with a mystery brunette insiders are claiming could be his new girlfriend.

Looking like they’d strolled off the set of a Gap commercial, Guy – in a tight white T-shirt and dark denims – walked a few paces away from his new friend, who looked effortlessly stylish in a long white maxi dress and bare feet.

The pair enjoyed a meal together at Marmalade café before hitting the beach, a world away from Madonna and Jesus‘ celebrity-studded weekend at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic in Manhattan.


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Mind you, Guy’s possible new romance wasn’t the only thing keeping Madonna-watchers gossiping this weekend: back at the polo, Kate Hudson, who was also in attendance, apparently ‘ran away’ when she heard Madonna had arrived.

Why? The Almost Famous actress is now dating A-Rod, aka Madonna’s rebound fling following the demise of her marriage to Guy.

‘I didn’t even see Kate Hudson again after Madonna arrived,’ a guest sniped. ‘She ran away! But if I were dating Madonna’s ex, I’d be scared, too!’

However, it seems Madge really wasn’t worried about any potential awkwardness.

‘Madonna literally didn’t care,’ a source told the New York Daily News. ‘She showed up with no make-up, a dowdy denim outfit and her hair pulled up in a ponytail. She doesn’t need to compete with Kate, because she will always be Queen Bee.’



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