What Can We Tell About Hillary Clinton From Her 2016 Spotify Playlist?

Hillary Clinton has released her 2016 campaign playlist and it’s 14 tracks of inspirational pop goodness...

Hillary Clinton has released her 2016 campaign playlist and it’s 14 tracks of inspirational pop goodness.

From Katy Perry’s Roar to Pharrell’s Happy, the former First Lady had one overriding message of positivity for potential voters as she officially launched her campaign over the weekend.

But look a little closer, we say, and you can spot some cleverly hidden messages between the lines of these tracks.

Firstly, Hillary loves a powerful American woman in pop. From Ariana Grande to Kelly Clarkson to the ultimate Jennifer Lopez, she’s packed her playlist with some of our favourite divas.

Two, she’s down with the kids. Apparently in 2008 Hillary rejected KT Tunstall’s Suddenly I See because it had ‘hell’ in the chorus. These days she’s loving the Gym Class Heroes, Pharrell and Pumpin’ Blood. Ideal.

Three, she’s up for a fight. ‘Half the population’s just waitin’ to see me fail/Yeah right, you’re better off trying to freeze hell,’ – The Fighter. Now there’s a hidden message if ever we’ve seen one.

Four, she’s got the relevant experience. ‘Think you left me broken down/Think that I’d come running back?/What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ YES Hillary.

The ‘Official Hillary 2016 Playlist’ is as follows:
Track 1: Believer, American Authors
Track 2: The Fighter, Gym Class Heroes featuring Ryan Tedder
Track 3: Roar, Katy Perry
Track 4: Break Free, Zedd featuring Ariana Grande
Track 5: What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger), Kelly Clarkson
Track 6: Best Day of My Life, American Authors
Track 7: Happy, Pharrell
Track 8: Let’s Get Loud, Jennifer Lopez
Track 9: Pumpin’ Blood, NONONO
Track 10: Wake Up Everybody, The Roots featuring John Legend
Track 11: Brave, Sara Bareilles
Track 12: Fighters, Kris Allen
Track 13: Beautiful Day, Jon Bon Jovi
Track 14: Vivir Mi Vida, Marc Anthony

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