Heather Mills lashes out at Paul McCartney

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  • Heather Mills: 'I'm still keeping quiet about the total truth'

    HEATHER MILLS CLAIMS she’s ‘still keeping quiet about the total truth’ when it comes to her marriage.

    In a none-too-thinly-veiled attack on her estranged husband, Mills told Hello! magazine: ‘This is a man that hangs on to his money. He wouldn’t be as rich if he didn’t. Who needs that kind of money? I’m still keeping quiet about the total truth, giving him a chance to help us move on and get out of this awful situation.’

    She goes on to slam Paul’s attempt to get her to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their divorce settlement and adds: ‘He won’t talk or acknowledge anything ever. He just pretends everything doesn’t go on. I’ve asked him to protect me for 18 months. He knows I was suicidal but did nothing. Enough is enough. I have to stand up and take the brunt of what I’m going to be put through again… He forced me into a corner.’

    Finally, likening herself to Princess Diana, Paula Yates and even Paul’s former wife Linda, Heather claims she needs to be allowed to defend herself to the public. ‘I want the freedom to be able to tell my story should I need to defend myself. I offered to Paul that if he protects me from the inevitable hatred I’ll receive because I am a wife of a Beatle, I’ll never say anything derogatory about him,’ she says. ‘He wants me to be gagged and they won’t give me a divorce until I’m gagged.’

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