Would Harry Styles return to One Direction?

The singer shared his thoughts in a recent podcast interview

Harry Styles set to release new music this month

The singer shared his thoughts in a recent podcast interview

While K-Pop group BTS may be going on a "temporary break," another boyband could soon rise from the ashes and fill the void.

After One Direction announced a hiatus in 2015, rumours about whether they would return to the scene have resurfaced every few years - and now Harry Styles is weighing in. He may have gone on to have a wildly successful solo career, but it turns out the singer still has a soft spot for One Direction.

The 'As it Was' singer, who recently released his newest album Harry’s House, was a guest on The Spout and spoke with host Tamara Dhia about everything from making music to being in love. The topic of Harry’s former boyband naturally came up over the course of their conversation, with Dhia asking if they would ever reunite.

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Harry didn’t shoot down the possibility, responding, “I don’t know. I mean, the thought of it is really nice.”

He recalled having lots of fun working on a number of One Direction’s albums, as well as their early days. He continued, "I think we all went through something really special together and there’s a lot of love there. So yeah, I think if there’s a moment for us to do it in the right way, I think it’d be great.”

While all of the band’s members have gone on to pursue their own solo projects, many of them have occasionally chimed in on a possible reunion or reminisced on their old days. Singer Liam Payne was the most recent to light up social media with his controversial comments about another One Direction member, Zayn Malik - which could make any potential plans for a reunion awkward.

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Speaking to former Vine star Logan Paul on his podcast Impaulsive, Payne revealed their friendship is a troubled one. He said, “There’s many reasons why I dislike Zayn, and many reasons I will always be on his side.”

As he vaguely suggested Zayn had been through difficult times throughout One Direction, he said, “I can’t commend some of the things he’s done, I can’t be on his side for that. What I can say is I understand, and I hope that - you only hope is that at some time in their life that the person on the other end of the phone wants to receive the help you’re willing to give them.”

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In any case, Zayn doesn’t seem to have shut the door on One Direction forever. Just last week, One Direction fans were treated to a surprise when he took to Instagram and recorded himself singing part of the band’s song ‘You and I.’ 

While Zayn didn’t caption his post and let his vocals do the talking, other fans in the comments celebrated the video. One user wrote, “Zayn you have summoned the whole fandom.”

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