Grammys 2013: Jennifer Lopez’s leg workout secrets revealed

As Jennifer Lopez’s leg takes centre stage at the Grammys, we discover what it takes to have thighs as lean as hers

Jennifer Lopez Grammys
Jennifer Lopez Grammys
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As Jennifer Lopez’s leg takes centre stage at the Grammys, we discover what it takes to have thighs as lean as hers

As Jennifer Lopez took to the Grammys red carpet there was only one thing we could focus on –her incredibly toned leg. Of course the star showcased her stunning stems with a thigh-high split but it’s a move that’s certainly inspired us to do some squats!


We spoke with fitness expert, Gillian Reeves, Virgin Active’s National Group Exercise Manager, who explained exactly what Jennifer Lopez would have to go through in order to achieve such muscle definition.

Gillian told us: ‘Jennifer Lopez has a body many women admire and her running workouts make sure she looks great on the red carpet.

‘She has clearly worked hard on her fitness regime to achieve the muscle tone. Dancing is great cardio exercise that burns fat and combined with some strength based conditioning exercises, this will help achieve a similar shape to your legs.’

And it gets better, Gillian tells us we wouldn’t need to spend long hours in the gym to achieve the same look, she added: ‘Make sure you get three sessions of cardio activity a week as well as two strength sessions such as Zumba.


Of course you won’t transform into Jennifer immediately, but GIllian also suggests you try out the tight rope lunge exercise that conditions your thighs and bottom.

Step-by-step guide to the tight rope lunge:

1. Start with your right foot forwards and imagine you are standing on a tight rope; your left foot should be directly behind your right. Lift up onto the balls of your feet and find your balance; your core muscles will automatically contract. 2. Take two steps forwards as if you were walking along a tight rope, first with your left leg and then with your right. Take another step forwards with your left leg but this time make it a bigger step; aim to make a gap of about a meter between your left and right foot (this will vary slightly depending on your height). 3. Place your left heel on the ground, keeping your back heel lifted and bend both knees into a lunge. Aim your right knee straight downwards so that it hovers an inch above the floor. Keep your chest lifted so that your body is upright and look straight ahead to help keep your balance. 4. Stand up straightening your legs in one quick, powerful movement and rise up onto the balls of your feet again. Repeat the two steps and lunge starting with your right leg first. 5. Repeat the exercise until you have done 20 repetitions (10 on each leg) take a small rest, then turn round and come back the way you came with the same exercise for another 20 reps.

Now all we need is Jennifer Lopez’s wardrobe and we could practically be her double… ok, maybe not.

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