Girls Aloud announce their comeback plans

Girls Aloud reunited today to announce their 10th Anniversary tour and shared some juicy details about their time together

Girls Aloud
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Girls Aloud reunited today to announce their 10th Anniversary tour and shared some juicy details about their time together

Girls Aloud were well and truly back today as Cheryl Cole and her bandmates returned for their first official engagement in three years. And it was well worth the wait.

The stunning five-piece confirmed they will release a greatest hit album, Ten, featuring four new tracks and will also embark on a 12-date arena tour next year, to mark their decade together.


During the press conference at the Corinthia Hotel, the girls revealed that the new songs were recorded with some difficulty. Nicola Roberts said: ‘We were in different time zones with Nadine [Coyle] in LA so I was writing melodies in the morning so she could sing them in the evening.’

Talk quickly turned to Girls Aloud’s upcoming tour and as the singers reminisced about what they like most about the experience (Cheryl and Kimberley Walsh love tea, Hob Knobs and a gossip) they also mentioned the most bizarre thing a fan has given them.

Cheryl was happy to divulge her's, saying: ‘I had underwear thrown onto the stage once with a fan’s name written in the crotch.’

Despite the downside of being showered in lingerie, the girls couldn’t stress more how much they loved touring, with Kimberley saying: ‘It’s great there’s someone there who’s got your back, someone to nudge you if you forget a line.’

Nadine then chimed in with: ‘[Being in a band means] you’ve always got the support of four other people who are just as nervous or scared or excited as you are. This life isn’t normal, it’s not real. We’ve a whole team of people pulling this together, can you imagine doing it all on your own?’


But if anyone can fly solo it certainly has to be Cheryl, although even she prefers being back with her bandmates. ‘I love being on tour,’ she said. ‘It’s the only time we have a routine and consistency. It’s a completely different vibe and I always get depressed when the tour ends.’

While Girls Aloud seemed very much together as they sat picture perfect at the press conference, they revealed it’s taken a bit of time to get back into the groove, particularly as they filmed the video for their new single, Something New.

Nadine said: ‘We used to be so good at walking together with the exact same strides, and when we tried to do it this time we were all over the place.’

This was promptly followed by a laugh from Sarah Harding who said: ‘On the set of the video Cheryl said we really need to hang out together more.’

What do you think of Girls Aloud getting back together? Are you excited to hear their new tracks? Let us know below.

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