The royal authors behind Finding Freedom have addressed rumours of a ‘secret interview’ with Harry and Meghan

Here’s everything you need to know…

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Here’s everything you need to know…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have always been a talked-about couple, making headlines non-stop since they were first reported to be dating, and now following their public split from the royal family, they make even more news.

It was their biography, Finding Freedom, that got the world talking this month however, as Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s new release revealed multiple royal family secrets.

From the Meghan Markle bikini photographs taken by paparazzi that enraged Prince Harry and her staged kidnapping, to the truth behind the royal feud with Kate Middleton, this book has been dropping all kinds of secrets.

But were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle actually involved in its release?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were rumoured to have been involved in the biography’s creation, with speculation that the book is based on an interview with the royal couple.

This is something that one of Finding Freedom’s co-authors, Omid Scobie, addressed this week, opening up to Andi Peters on Lorraine that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

‘I know there’s a lot of rumours and talk of the couple cooperating with the book and us having secret interviews with them,’ Omid explained. ‘That’s really not the case. But what we did have was a front row seat to all of their work, their private and public engagements and that’s really how we got to know the couple through their philanthropy. But of course we also had a lens to the couple through their friends and their circle of aides as well which really helped provide a really balanced portrait of the couple and bring them to life.’

And when asked whether Harry and Meghan had been interviewed at any point for the biography, Omid replied: 'No and it’s really important to note this is an unofficial, unauthorised biography. Whilst we knew our subjects we were writing about it was important to have a little distance from the couple. What you want to be able to do is provide a balanced, and objective portrait of who they are.’

Well, that’s that.

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