How Princess Diana 'influenced' Prince William's parenting style

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Prince William and Kate Middleton often open up about life at home with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

William revealed the hilarious way that George wakes his parents up in the morning, they've opened up about Charlotte's very fancy favourite snack and we know that Louis' first words were actually inspired by none other than British baking legend, Mary Berry.

Now, journalist Angela Mollard has spoken to New Idea's Zoe Burrell about their upbringing on the Royals podcast, commenting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are doing a 'tremendous job' giving their little ones 'ordinary lives'.

She said: 'From William, I think we get the Princess Diana influence. Princess Diana was the first real royal mum to submerge her children in ordinary life. They went to theme parks, they went to McDonalds, they went and visited the homeless, they went and visited AIDS patients. She made them aware of their privilege in a way that previous generations hadn’t.'

She continued: 'The Queen was educated by governesses, brought up in palaces largely by nannies. They were really inoculated from the world, now they’re very much immersed in the world.

'Obviously the Cambridge kids are the most famous royal children in the world: George, Charlotte and Louis. I think their parents are doing a tremendous job of giving them the most normal childhood that they possible can.'

Mollard also touched on Kate's parenting style, adding: 'She’s done a lot of early childhood work, she’s talked a lot about nature.

'In fact, all her passions: photography, nature, gardening, early childhood education. They all suggest very much that she wants her children to have this beautiful quiet upbringing. The kids were apparently lambing last week during their half-term with William. I think there’s a real drive to give them some normalcy.

'But also been a lot of discussion around nature being wonderful for mental health.'

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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