Chrissy Teigen’s comments about getting her breast implants removed are going viral

Here’s everything to know…

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Here’s everything to know…

Chrissy Teigen has never been one to shy away from confrontation, known for shutting down twitter trolls, calling out bullies and making her stance on the Donald Trumps of the world known.

She tends to be most candid however when it comes to body image, opening up just this week about her decision to have her breast implants removed after news of her taking a pre-surgery coronavirus test went viral.

Taking to Instagram, Chrissy posted a topless photograph of herself with heart emojis over her breasts.

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‘Hi hi! So I posted myself getting a covid test on the twitter, as I’m getting surgery soon,’ Chrissy explained. ‘A lot of people are understandably curious (and nosey!) so I’ll just say it here: I’m getting my boobs out! They’ve been great to me for many years but I’m just over it.’

She continued: ‘I’d like to be able to zip a dress in my size, lay on my belly with pure comfort! No biggie! So don’t worry about me! All good. I’ll still have boobs, they’ll just be pure fat. Which is all a tit is in the first place. A dumb, miraculous bag of fat. ❤️ ‘

Like we needed a reason to love Chrissy Teigen any more!

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