Brittany Murphy's husband accuses movie bosses of causing her death

Simon Monjack says Warner Brothers executives are to blame for star's death

Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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Simon Monjack says Warner Brothers executives are to blame for star's death

The Brittany Murphy saga continues, after her husband Simon Monjack accused movie executives of causing the 32-year-old's sudden death.

The star passed away on 20 December, and it seems that her family have been searching for answers as to the cause of her death ever since. Now her screenwriter husband thinks he knows who's responsible.

'They killed her,' Monjack told Gerlad Posner of The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview. Monjack believes that the star's death was the result of being fired by Warner Brothers studio from a sequel to the animated film Happy Feet.

Although the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office hasn't released a final cause of death, Monjack and Brittany's mother, Sharon are convinced that her fatal heart attack was caused by stress when the contract was cancelled just two weeks before she died.


Murphy was excited to have begun production on the sequel to the animated hit Happy Feet, but when she was fired by Warner Brothers, Monjack says, 'She was devastated.'

Monjack claimed Warner Brothers had agreed to Murphy £7,000 a day for a minimum of five days work to be the voice of one of the characters in the film about penguins.

However, the studio has labelled the bereaved man's claims 'reprehensible', denying that they had even entered into a deal with Murphy on the sequel.

Monjack went on to say that the studio had axed Murphy on the strength of rumours she was sacked from a horror film The Caller for being difficult on set. Producers on that film also claim Monjack turned up drunk on the set in Puerto Rico and had him removed.


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