Brittany Murphy death certificate released

Hollywood star's family still in the dark about why Brittany died

Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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Hollywood star's family still in the dark about why Brittany died

Brittany Murphy's official death certificate was released yesterday by the Los Angeles Country Coroner, but contains as many questions as it does answers.


The star passed away aged just 32 on 20 December, and her family - and many fans - have been waiting ever since to discover what exactly caused her death. But if they were hoping for some closure this week, it looks like they'll have to wait a little longer.

The cause of death on the certificate is listed as 'deferred' and the manner of death as 'pending investigation', according to gossip site, which posted a copy of the official certificate online as soon as it was released.

Results from a number of toxicology, histological and neurological tests will not be available for another four to six weeks, which would explain the many gaps on the death certificate.

In addition to the lack of conclusion about what caused Brittany's untimely passing, however, are other anomalies on the certificate, including the fact her father is listed as 'unknown'. Although the two were estranged, Angelo Bertolotti has come forward since his daughter died to pay his respects, telling reporters: 'She was just an absolute doll since she was born. Her personality was always outward. Everybody loved her - people that made movies with her, people on a cruise - they all loved her. She was just a regular gal.'

Bertolotti, 83, declined to attend his daughter's funeral on Christmas Eve, saying it would upset her mother and he had no intention of doing that.

With the public interest in Brittany showing no sign of waning, it has been reported that tracks from her unfinished music album may yet be released as a final tribute to the star.

As well as showing off her vocal talents in films like Happy Feet and Little Black Book, Brittany sang on Paul Oakenfold's 2006 hit Faster Kill Pussycat and had hoped to follow up that single's success with an album of her own.

'People are definitely interested in Brittany and her story. Depending on what she may have recorded and what kind of quality it is, she could end up having a hit song or two,' a music executive was quoted as telling E! Online this week.


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