Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston talk about the reaction to their SAG awards reunion

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As awards season kicked off, there was talk of only one thing: the possibility of a Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion.

While the former couple went their separate ways in 2005, they made headlines last year when it was revealed that over a decade after their divorce they are now firm friends (Brad was even reported to be the last to leave Jen’s Christmas party).

Fans were hoping that they would bump into each other, and while it didn't happen at the Golden Globes, the actors were snapped saying hello at the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards this month.

Of course, since their split they have both attended the same awards shows, but are previously reported to have avoided each other.

This weekend, however, they got the world talking when they were finally photographed together.

So what did Brad think of all the attention that he and Jen were getting following their reunion?

At an event earlier this week, he told Entertainment Tonight: 'I don’t know. I’m blissfully naive and I’m gonna stay that way.'

Jen also spoke to Entertainment Tonight explaining how she felt about the world's reaction to the pair meeting in public - before they spotted each other at the SAGs.

'It's hysterical... But what else are they going to talk about?' she said.

A source told Hollywood Life: 'They’ve built their bond and rekindled their friendship so much more than it was the past few years now that they’re both single.

'They’ve realised what’s important in life and since they shared so much love for each other it’s such a nice thing for them both to have this kind of close friendship again.

'They trust each other and love the fact that they have someone who has their back.'

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