Brad Pitt was one of the last people to leave Jennifer Aniston's Christmas party

Hold the phone: our favourite couple of the noughties might be making a come back.

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Hold the phone: our favourite couple of the noughties might be making a come back.

Gavin and Stacey might not be the only long-awaited reunion we're being treated to this Christmas. Reports are circulating that (single) Brad Pitt and (single) Jennifer Aniston are hanging out again, with Pitt reportedly being among the last to leave Aniston's star-studded Christmas bash at her house in Bel-Air last weekend. (Thanks for the invite, Jen.)

This isn't the first time ex-husband Brad has turned out in support of our favourite Friends star, either - he was also spotted attending her 50th birthday bash in February.

'Brad Pitt arrived at Jennifer Aniston’s holiday party a little after 7 p.m. on Saturday,' an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight. 'He was among the first to arrive and the second to last guest to leave around 11 p.m. He was dressed casually in a dark bomber jacket with a cap on. He arrived with his longtime security guard who waited for him with his car and saw him out,' the source told the publication.

The eye witness reports that around 50 of Jen's friends attended the Christmas party, with a number of other famous faces making an appearance, too. Among them were Gwyneth Paltrow - also a former flame of Pitt - and her husband, Brad Falchuk, alongside former friends co-star Lisa Kudrow and her husband Michel Stern, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, Kate Hudson, and Aniston's Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon.

'Her home was tastefully decorated with thousands of white string lights around the trees surrounding her property,' the source said. 'It was very festive. It was a pretty low-key, casual affair. Just a gathering a close friends to celebrate the holidays.'

Pitt and Aniston were married between 2000 and 2005 and have since become a legendary symbol of noughties iconography, with Pitt famously making a guest appearance in Friends in 2001 as Rachel's high school nemesis.

But media reports of a riff withstanding, (Pitt quickly moved on to date Angelina Jolie after the split) the pair have remained firm friends.

'They are friends and have supported each other through some tough times,' a separate source previously told Entertainment Tonight. 

'They've come so far since their marriage and plan to stay friends for life. There are truly no hard feelings between them...They both realise that anytime they cross paths people talk about a reunion.'

Well, can you blame us? If we can't get 2002 back, we can at least hope to get our favourite couple back...

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