Boy George: Amy is a tragedy

Boy George says Amy Winehouse needs rehab to save her 'brilliant' career

Marie Claire News: Amy Winehouse
Marie Claire News: Amy Winehouse

Boy George says Amy Winehouse needs rehab to save her 'brilliant' career

Amy Winehouse may have stopped listening to people offering her advice, but one man is hoping to make a difference – dj and ex-drug addict Boy George. The Culture Club star says Amy needs to get herself into rehab, or start visiting Narcotics Anonymous, to get her career back on track.

In an interview with The Times, he reveals his concern over Amy’s current lifestyle.

‘When you’re hellbent on destroying yourself everyone else is powerless, especially the people who love you most. Until she decides she wants to change no one can do anything,’ he says.

Boy George says Amy needs to clean up her lifestyle because the talented singer could let her career go to waste.

‘That’s the tragedy; she’s wonderful and she makes it look effortless. Imagine what she’d be like at full capacity?’ he told the newspaper.

The dj, who has carried out community service in New York following a conviction involving cocaine found at his home, has quit drugs and urges the Rehab singer to do the same.

‘[She needs] therapy maybe. Rehab. NA is amazing: there are people from all walks of life. It brings you down to earth… I was quiet at the beginning, but you open up. You have to help yourself,’ he says.

We just hope Amy is listening.


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