Andy Murray And Kim Sears: Let's Chart Their Relationship Timeline, Shall We?

Andy Murray and Kim Sears are getting married on 11th April 2015. Here's the story of their relationship...

Kim Sears
Kim Sears
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Andy Murray and Kim Sears are getting married on 11th April 2015. Here's the story of their relationship...

Scotland’s royal wedding is set to dominate Dunblane this weekend, as Andy Murray marries long-term love Kim Sears at the city’s cathedral on Saturday.

The entire town is preparing for a party - the bunting is up, the pews have been polished and the life-size cardboard cut outs of the couple are firmly in position.

But just how did the notoriously private Andy and Kim get to this point? Through the good hair times (her) and the bad (him), Kim has become a fixture at all of Andy’s games and is surely the most famous sport spectator of all time...

February 2006 Tennis’ first couple met at a party during the US Open back in 2005, meaning that, as well as their wedding, they are also celebrating their 10 year anniversary. The first pictures of the pair emerged a few months after they began dating as they celebrated Andy winning the 2006 SAP Tennis Open. Of one of their first dates (playing air hockey at an arcade) Andy later said ‘Kim says I didn’t let her win a single point. I guess she realised then that I am just a wee bit competitive.’

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January 2008 Here they are two years later at the Qatar Open Finals in 2008. Kim's sporting her now world-famous blow-dry for the first time and Andy... Well, let’s blame the humidity. 

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June 2009 After totally winning over her boyfriend’s mum (and chief cheerleader) Judy Murray, pictures like the below have become a standard at every Murray match. Both of the key women in Andy’s life attended all of his games, but as his career went stratospheric and Kim carried on with her studies, the pair were forced to take a break later that year.

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September 2010 Andy and Kim stepped up their fame game ever so slightly when they got back together a few months later, making their first London Fashion Week appearance at the Burberry show in 2010. Andy ditched his tennis whites and did his very best to go mode, while Kim, obviously, was a front row natural.

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July 2012 When Andy didn’t win Wimbledon in 2012, Sears was left in tears. Seven years into their relationship at this point, she’d seen the ups and downs of his career, but luckily the best was about to come…

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August 2012 Andy won Olympic gold the next month, the biggest win of his career. Or so he thought….

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July 2013 And then he went and won Wimbledon. The couple’s status was at an all-time high as they attended the winner’s ball, all dressed up in black tie for a change.

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October 2013 Prince William awarded Andy Murray with an OBE for his services to tennis in 2013, and Kim, of course, was right by his side on the day.

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November 2013 Kim and Andy sat down together on Jonathan Ross’ couch in 2013 for their most in-depth joint interview to date. ‘I would like to start a family and try to be a good father. That’s important to me,’ he revealed.

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November 2014 After months of speculation, Andy and Kim confirmed their engagement and at every match since, Kim's sported her three carat, £200,000 sparkler.

February 2015 The pair have kept a relatively low profile since getting engaged, only being snapped in public at tennis matches and occasional charity events. That was, until swear gate happened. The ever-passionate Kim got a little too into the game, and got caught on camera hurling abuse at Andy’s opponent Thomas Berdych from the spectator’s box. So how did she respond? By donning a Parental Advisory: Explicit Content sweatshirt, of course. ‘I didn’t know she was going to wear it today,’ Andy later insisted.

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April 2015 So what's next for Scotland’s sweethearts? We can't wait for all the details to emerge from the weekend's celebrations - perhaps most importantly, Kim’s wedding dress.

Congratulations to Andy Murray and Kim Sears!