Amy Winehouse on Times Rich List

Amy Winehouse makes this year's Times Rich List

Marie Claire news: Amy Winehouse
Marie Claire news: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse makes this year's Times Rich List

You could easily be forgiven for thinking Amy Winehouse had squandered much of her career earnings, but the troubled soul singer has in fact made it onto this year's Sunday Times Rich List.

Following a year of personal instability, battling drug addiction and seeing her husband jailed, coupled with consistently bad press, Amy has silenced her critics after making the 2008 list with an estimated worth of £10 million.

The list, to be published this weekend, shows Amy is one of a handful of singers making their first appearance in the list's Young Music Millionaire's category.

Amy is joined by X Factor winner Leona Lewis who secured both a No.1 single and album in America and has dominated the charts across Europe. The reality star is thought to be worth £6 million.

Grammy winner Corrine Bailey Rae also made it onto the list having accrued a fortune of £6 million. Fellow British star Natasha Bedingfield is also estimated to be worth the same amount.

However, Amy and Corinne are just small fry compared to the big players, including George Harrison's 29-year-old son, Dhani, with a fortune of £160 million and Vanessa-Mae, a close second with £32 million.

Top of the pile of Britain's top 50 music millionaires is still Clive Calder, the founder of Zomba Records, who tops the list for another year with a fortune of £1,300 million. Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber sits in second position with £750 million.

And despite his hefty divorce payout to Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney remains in third position, worth a whopping £500 million.

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