Great News For Adele Fans: The Singer Will Be Starring In An Hour-Long BBC Special

She'll be grilled by Graham Norton and will perform some of her new hits

She'll be grilled by Graham Norton and will perform some of her new hits

We haven't been able to get Hello out of our heads since it dropped last week, and all we want is more Adele songs. Please, Adele? Please?

Well, we may have to wait a few more days for 25, but this news has certainly cheered us up: the songstress will star in a special hour-long BBC One Show to celebrate the release of her third album.

In the show, Adele at the BBC, she'll play some of her new songs for the first time, as well as getting grilled by Graham Norton.

Both Adele and Graham seemed genuinely chuffed to be spending the hour together, with the singer saying: 'I can't wait. Graham and I get on great so it's going to be a laugh.'

Graham called Adele's new album 'the music event of the year' and said 'this opportunity to spend an hour with Adele, her music and her stories is a truly rare treat. If I wasn't hosting this special I'd be sat at home watching it.'

The show will be taped in front of a live audience on 2 November, but it's not yet known when the show will be aired.

Here are five reasons we're absolutely delighted about the news...

1. We'll get to hear undoubtedly fantastic new Adele songs

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Finally, new songs to get us through our latest heartbreaks and trials and tribulations. And since Adele's incapable of making a bad song, we're betting the latest offerings are going to be pretty amazing.

2. She's really entertaining...

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The girl ain't just an incredible voice - she also has an infectious sense of humour and can hold her own against any interviewer.

3. ...And so is Graham Norton

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Graham will be on hand to add some hilarity to the proceedings. Maybe he'll even attempt to sing a few of the hits himself if the conversation runs dry.

4. There'll be new lyrics to sing along to for weeks, months, years

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There's nothing quite like flopping onto your bed and listening to hours of heartfelt Adele words when you're in a bad mood and have had a rubbish day. But so far we've only had two albums - imagine what a third is going to bring to our bad-day-routine?

5. We missed her

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We totally respect Adele's disappearance for the last couple of years, because why shouldn't she enjoy becoming a mum and writing her album and just being a normal person if she wants to? But we have to say, we're really glad she's back on the scene.

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