This Invention Will Change Your Life For The Better

Get ready for the best beauty news of the year...

Get ready for the best beauty news of the year...

Stop the press. We’ve found God’s gift to women. And his name is Tom Pellereau.

Now before you start deriding me with claims of, ‘I don’t need a man in my life, I’m an independent woman’, or shaking your head and tutting ‘What would De Beauvoir say?’, just stop and listen. This man has invented something that will not only make your life a billion times easier, it will allow you to finally achieve the kind of airbrushed heights of Kardashian skin realness you’ve always wanted. He has invented a washing machine for your make-up brush.

I’ll let that sink in.

Just imagine. No more sloshing the toothpaste residue down the sink before filling it with tepid water, and then rubbing feverishly at the bristles until the whole sink is filled with brown sludge so that you are effectively just rubbing wet bacteria into your best makeup brushes. We're no scientists, but we're pretty sure that won’t be good for your skin.

Instead, you can attach the StylPro, which is a motorized attachment, to the end of your makeup brush. You then put some water and liquid soap in the bowl, dunk the brush in and press a button, and the attachment will spin the brush in the water, opening up the bristles and letting out all that bacteria that is giving you spots. When you’ve had enough fun with that (yes, fun - this actually makes cleaning your brushes fun), then you repeat the exercise in the space over the water in the bowl, and it will make your brush dry in seconds thanks to some kind of centrifuge-ing voodoo magic.

Honestly, we’re a bit patchy on the science. But all you really need to know is that you will never have to lay your brushes out on bits of kitchen towel on a radiator and leave them for 24 hours again.

You may already be familiar with Tom’s inventions, namely the curved nail file that he brought out in 2012 before winning Season 7 of the Apprentice. The StylFile proved to be extremely successful, and the company went on to sell over a million after being snapped up by the likes of Sainsbury’s and Boots. Asked why he likes developing women’s products so much, Tom said that it’s just more interesting than developing golf clubs and cars: ‘It’s more fun in many respects to design a thing for girls and get to talk to them, and get their points of view.’ Swoon.

You can buy the StylPro directly from the site for £49.99. Because why wouldn’t you.

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