The Rachel cut is coming back

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  • All of your friend's are going to be rocking this style

    If you grew up in the 90s, the word ‘Friends‘ will mean a lot to you. It’s where Joey taught us all that layering clothes can go too far, where we learnt about lobster theory and where we fell in love with the Holiday Armadillo. But perhaps most important was the hair inspiration we got from the series.

    To say that the ‘Rachel’ was iconic is an understatement. It single-handedly defined a generation. But eventually almost every woman in the world had the same haircut and the time for change saw this hairstyle fade into memories.

    Now, it’s making a comeback.

    Like all things that were achingly cool when we were growing up (and eventually cringe-worthy at their very peak), the sense of retro nostalgia has made this layered shaggy ‘do fly again. But, it’s not the generation who grew up worshipping this style who are bringing it back into the cut, it’s actually a generation who were most likely watching Sesame Street at the time.

    Enter Hailey Baldwin who recently posted an Instagram photo of herself sporting the Rachel and re-ignited an old flame for women world wide. In fact, some of us had a mini melt down when we couldn’t get a booking with our hairstylist’s this weekend to get the chop, but that’s another story.


    Sporting her 90s style, Baldwin also reminded us just how much volume you can get with a few layers and how incredible it looks with all hair colours, oh and how it frames the face perfectly.


    It literally is the haircut that will always… be there for you.

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