The £6.50 secret behind Kate Middleton’s wedding day hair

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  • The £6.50 Claire's Accessories tiara that helped create Kate's wedding hair

    Although she swept down the aisle wearing the Queen’s 1936 Cartier tiara, Kate Middleton’s wedding day hair was, in fact, all down to a £6.50 plastic headpiece from high street emporium, Claire’s Accessories.

    Hairstylist Richard Ward has revealed that he practised for the big day with the bargain accessory, to effortlessly create the bride’s elegant locks, which she wore with most of her hair down and a veil kept in place by the priceless diamond tiara.

    Even without Kate in the salon, the master stylist worked tirelessly to master the demi-chignon style, testing it on a model wearing the plastic alternative for days.

    Speaking to the Sunday Times, James Pryce, who joined Ward to style the Middleton family’s tresses on the day revealed: ‘We came up with a unique concept for securing it. We backcombed the top to create a foundation for the tiara to sit around, then did a tiny plait in the middle and sewed it on. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.’

    As for the day itself, James revealed it was the bride who kept everyone calm as he and Ward got to work: ‘It was just the three of us – no televisions on at all. It was a very special time.

    ‘She was amazing, keeping us calm if anything. And she cared how we were coping constantly giving us confidence. It was fantastic.’

    Kate Middleton

    The Queen lent her new granddaughter-in-law the famous Halo tiara, which was bought from Cartier by George VI for his wife and later given to the Queen as an 18th birthday gift.



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