SS16 Fashion Week: The Beauty Highlights

Facial furniture, corn-rows, face painting and Stepford Wives – SS16 was a blast.

Herve Leger
Herve Leger
(Image credit: rex)

Facial furniture, corn-rows, face painting and Stepford Wives – SS16 was a blast.

Four cities, countless shows, and more hair do’s and make-up moments than you can shake a stick at. The SS16 shows might be done-and-dusted but we’re still thinking about our favourites bits from the season.

Beauty Braids Forget the ponytail that has dominated the last few seasons, this season we’ve fallen back in love with the versatility of a braid.

Hervé Leger was the first show we covered this season in New York and it delivered a banging braid. It was a gorgeous take on a Heidi braid and crafted by TRESemmé's Orlando Pita. After prepping the hair with TRESemmé’s Runway Collection Max The Volume Root Lifting Cream (out next year), Pita braided the hair from the crown, around across the forehead and towards the nape of the neck, feeding the braid with hair from underneath and allowing some strands to fall free around the face. We’re obsessed.

We spotted our other favourite braids at Valentino in Paris where Redken Creative Director Guido Palau plaited the hair really close to the scalp after texturising it with Redken Braid Aid. The hair was then scooped into a bun on the crown which elongated the shape of the neck

Our London Fashion Week Chariot This is usually how our London Fashion Week Goes: sprints, on the hour, every hour, from show-to-show across London (usually in the rain) utilising whatever method of public transport we can squeeze onto, to make it to our backstage appointments on time. Usually there’s some kind of public transport strike/improvements/who knows what to slow us down and we nearly always arrive backstage a sweaty, hot mess. The glamour.

This season things went a little differently. The Beauty & Go MCmobile and our fabulous driver Gulamahmed ensured smooth sailing during a hectic schedule. Rain? Traffic? Pah! It was easy going in the backseat of our Merc while we fed our skin with tasty Beauty & Go skin nourising drinks. Yum.

Gareth Pugh The hair and make-up at Gareth Pugh blew our mindsand the crazy sex doll/scary clown/Drag Queen look has provided endless Halloween Inspiration. Val Garland pulled flesh coloured stockings over the models faces before painting on creepy doll-like features. Immense.

Givenchy I mean, what can we say that hasn’t already been said about Givenchy? Just wow! The bold and daring facial furniture was off the charts.

Jeremy Scott A little Stepford, a touch of the sixties, everything about the look at Jeremy Scott got us hot under to collar.

The Return Of Curls This season saw a refreshing resurgence of natural hair. From air-dried textures to bouncy curls and afro, it was all there and about time too. Favourites included Topshop Unique, Giambattista Valli and Diane von Furstenberg.

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