Say Hello To Your Next Halloween Look

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  • Gareth Pugh’s SS16 has inadvertently given us all the Halloween inspiration we could ever need.

    Nailing your Halloween look is a big deal. So much so that I’m usually planning my clothes/make-up/fake blood months before the big day.

    I’m not interested in being a sexy cop or a naughty nurse, my Halloween look has to be all out horror and/or full on weird. Preferably both.

    I normally have to suffice with Google (or our brilliant gallery of inspiration) when it comes to planning my (obviously) incredible and totally original look. I can honestly say that I’ve never found my ghoulish, weird and wacky ideas backstage at fashion week. But then ‘Hello’ Gareth Pugh.

    For the second season running Gareth Pugh has shown his ready-to-wear collection in London. Yay us! And it was at this show that I stumbled on Halloween 2015.

    Make-up artist Val Garland told me that behind the look there’s a little ‘Donna Summer juxtaposed with Lindsay Kemp with a touch of Divine’ for good measure. What a mash-up.

    Is this wearable? Not likely, well in the every day sense of the word at least. But it is Halloween doable? Hell yeah! Here’s how to Gareth Pugh yourself:

    Step one: Over on hair, hairstylist Malcolm Edwards created a conical shape at the back of the head which he then painted to match the skin of the model. This is a whole lot of effort and while it’s necessary for the catwalk and the world’s fashion press we’re thinking it’s a touch overkill for a fancy dress party so skip this step.

    Step two: Pull a flesh-coloured stocking over your face – to match your skin tone – and tuck the end into your neck line.

    Step three: Garland used MAC Pro Marine Blue, Pure White and Black Acrylic Paints to paint in the eyes. Paint in three stripes; one where you would imagine a very high, very angled brow might fall, and one mimicking that line underneath where you would imagine the top of your ‘pupil’ to reach and then one below that. This might take some practice so don’t give this a bash for the first time on the night of your Halloween party. 

    Step four: Paint in your iris and pupil making them large and cartoon-like.

    Step five: Go crazy with the blue and fill in huge Drag brows up towards the upper brow line you plotted in earlier.

    Step six: For the lips; use a lip liner to draw in your initial shape and then fill in. Garland use MAC Pro Basic Red Acrylic Paint but a liquid lipstick should work just as well.

    Step seven: As a finishing touch to the make-up, Garland added a small furry circle for a beauty spot. You’ll need to get in a visit to Hobby Craft.
    Step eight: Lastly, chuck on a wig. Edwards opted for bright and punchy clown-like wigs but really anything goes.  

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