5 ways you can make your routine more hydrating

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Our hectic, modern lifestyles can leave our skin looking a bit worse for wear; think dull, dehydrated and lacklustre.

If you’re struggling to meet your hydration goals, don’t stress – we’ve rounded up five easy ways you can improve your water intake without too much hassle.

Read on for five easy ways you can make your daily routine more hydrating.

Use hyaluronic acid serum on your face

Hyaluronic acid is a super hydrating ingredient with the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, and it’s usually found in the best face serums for hydration. When shopping for skincare, keep an eye out for products containing it and you’ll reap its hydrating benefits. For a beauty budget buy with premium quality, our go-to is the Hyaluronic Wonder Oil Serum.

Keep a portable water bottle with you at all times

Getting your eight glasses of water a day is very important for overall health, as well as your skin. By having a water bottle with you on-the-go, there’s no excuse not to meet your daily water goals. Bottoms up.

Eat your water

As well as drinking plenty of fluids, did you know you can also eat your water? Foods like cucumber, celery, strawberries and leafy greens are all packed with H2O, so be sure to up your intake for improved hydration.

Use your moisturiser more effectively

The Sanctuary Wet Skin Radiance Jelly contains a supercharged form of hyaluronic acid, locks in three times the moisture and boosts skin’s radiance with a natural form of AHA to provide a daily gentle exfoliation.

Apply to skin while soaking wet, without rinsing off, then towel dry and get ready as you normally would. For best results, use daily for two weeks for skin that is left visibly bright, plump, fresh and healthy looking. If you use in the morning, always follow up with SPF as AHAs increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

Moisture mask twice a week

Dehydrated skin loves a good hydrating mask, and masking twice a week is the optimum to get your skin’s moisture levels back on track. Try the Glacial Splash Hydro Boost Face Mask on for size.

To incorporate it into your routine, smooth it on 1-2 times a week in the evenings for calm, plump and awakened skin.

Follow our steps above and you’re sure to have a hydration boost in no time.

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