5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is a student’s best pal

In partnership with Samsung

In partnership with Samsung

Starting uni can be as scary as it is exciting. For many students, it means not only living away from the comfort of their parent’s home for the first time (and living off bland ready-meals) but also having to form new friendships and adapt to a whole new way of learning.

It’s tough, but the good news is there are loads of tools you can use to help your kid settle into those first few months away from home. Among other essentials like Ikea bedding, one absolute must-have for the transition from school to university is a solid laptop. 

The list of criteria for a laptop often depends on who's using it. For most uni students, a laptop is like a best friend. It’s a tool for studying, a gateway to relaxation through the world of Netflix and it helps them connect with their friends and family back at home. Picking the right laptop is key - and for students, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is a great place to start. Why? Well, we’ll give you five good reasons why. 

Keep reading to find out why we reckon the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is your best bet when it comes to preparing your kid for their next term at uni.

1. It enhances productivity 

First off, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is perfect for studying.

With enough storage (up to 8GB of Random Access Memory, to be exact) to facilitate tasks like web browsing, word processing, and more demanding jobs like creating tricky spreadsheets, students can power up their productivity by working off several tabs at once - without worrying about the laptop slowing down on them.

2. It’s versatile 

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is available in either laptop or tablet form, giving students the chance to pick the style best suited to their lifestyle. If their course involves moving from place to place, like Travel & Tourism, for example, then they might opt for a lightweight tablet.

If, however, they’re studying a course that requires specific software, like Graphic Design, they might want to opt for the more traditional laptop as it's likely to have more storage. For those who fancy taking a break from typing during lectures, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro also comes with an S-pen, giving students the flexibility to write notes in their own handwriting.

3. It’s perfect for creating and storing images and videos

If your kid’s creative, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 will only enhance their outlet – with the Intel® EVO™ platform and 12th Gen i5 Processors helping more demanding image or video editing software work like a total dream.

It also has loads of memory (with a 512GB SSD) enabling students to safely store away core memories from their uni days, from nights out to class trips, and (sniff) even graduation.

4. It helps them stay connected

We all get home-sick sometimes, so if your fresher ever needs to catch up with you over term-time then the laptop’s onboard camera enables high-quality video calls from anywhere - as long as there’s WiFi. 

5. It's perfect for downtime

The laptop also provides comfort in the form of entertainment, with a full HD display and built-in sound system that’ll help any student get lost in their favourite film or movie after a tough day of lectures. 

If you’re planning to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, we recommend getting yours from John Lewis. With a specialist in-store team, you’ll be able to get your kid set up on their new device straight away. If they’re swapping in their old laptop, the in-store team can help transfer any data from their old device to the new one - and also help them set up any essential features, such as a word processing tool for essays.

It can be frightening seeing your child off to their first term of uni, but by equipping them with the right tools, you can ensure they’re settled in no time. 

Shop the products below.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, £999.00 | John Lewis

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, £999.00 | John Lewis
Convertible laptop with Intel Core i5 processor and 13.3" HD touchscreen.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 in Silver, £999.00 | John Lewis 

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 in Silver, £999.00 | John Lewis 
Same as above in a bright silver colourway.

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