The Queen has been wearing this £8 nail polish for THIRTY years

And you probably have it too

Queen Elizabeth may spend a small fortune on perfume, but when it comes to her nail polish, she’s much more partial to a bargain.

It turns out that, being very particular about her mani, she’s been wearing the same polish for 30 years, and it costs just £7.99 a bottle.

According to Essie, its ballet slippers shade is ‘the only colour Her Majesty would wear’.

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It all started in 1989 when the Queen’s hairdresser wrote the company a letter requesting the particular shade.

queen nail polish

We can see why she picked it too. It’s a subtle sheer pink that looks natural and goes with everything.

She’s not the only royal to love a bit of Essie either, as Kate Middleton wore allure, a similar shade of pink, on her wedding day to Prince William.

Plus, you just can’t knock the price.

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