Liam Hemsworth: ‘Since Going Vegan I’ve Never Felt Better; Mentally And Physically.’

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  • The Hunger Games star on sibling rivalry, going vegan and why being nice to people goes a long way.

    Liam Hemsworth is hot property. He won our hearts as The Hunger Games’ Gale opposite Jennifer Lawrence, set screens on fire alongside Kate Winsletin The Dressmaker and we can’t wait to see him save the world with Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day Resurgence.

    Not content with dominating our cinema screens, Hemsworth has taken on the fragrance commercial with his latest outing for Diesel Only The Brave. We caught-up with him to talk about filming, competing with his brother (Chris Hemsworth) and why it doesn’t hurt to be nice to everyone on set.

    MC: What was the first fragrance you ever wore? Who bought it for you?
    LH: I spent most of my young life outdoors, I was either running around the bush with my brothers or surfing so fragrance wasn’t something I ever wore.

    MC: Tell us about the experience on working on Diesel Only The Brave
    LH: I enjoy opportunities where I’m able to do something new and different. I’ve never done a fragrance campaign before, so it has not only been an honour but a lot of fun. I had a great time shooting the commercial spot. Mother Nature presented us with a few obstacles. We shot the commercial in Los Angeles, where it never rains. So the irony that the first rain we’ve had in months was forecasted for the day of the TV shoot was not lost on me. A testament to the talent and ingenuity of the directors Anthony, Valerie and the creative team, they were able to rework the creative and secure a new location in less than 48-hours. We were also working outdoors with a wild wolf, who apparently was not a fan of the rain or wet surfaces. Day one of the shoot definitely presented the crew with a few unexpected challenges. 

    MC: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned – who was it from?
    LH: ‘Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.’ Dalai Lama

    MC: What’s the best bit of career advice you’ve been given by a fellow actor?
    LH: I’ve been fortunate to work with so many talented individuals and true class acts, and I’ve learned a great deal about this business from each and every one of them. The majority of what I know, I’ve learned while on a set. You learn from watching and talking to people with experience. One of the things I’ve observed is that the actors who’ve had great success and longevity in this business are the ones who put their egos aside and who treat every member of the crew with the same graciousness as they treat their fellow actors.

    MC: Do you do much to look after your skin?
    LH: Nothing other than a good night sleep and ocean water. I don’t have much of a skin care ritual and my daily grooming routine consists of a shower and brushing my teeth. The less time I have to spend getting ready, the better.

    MC: Are you super strict about your diet?
    LH: I’m a vegan and I’ve found that since adopting a vegan diet, I’ve never felt better; mentally and physically. I feel like it’s also had a domino effect of the rest of my life.

    MC: What does your week in the gym look like?
    LH: When I’m not training for a movie, I don’t have a rigid training or gym routine. I’m not big on gyms; I’d rather be outdoors. Luckily, I live in close proximity to the ocean and I have some great hiking trails behind my home.

    MC: Are you competitive with your brother in any ways? Who wins? 

    LH: We’re competitive as most siblings are when it comes to areas like sports but when it comes to our professional lives, we’re very supportive of one another and we help each other out.

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